Asphalt Mixture

Incercare Standard

Establishing of the composition of the hydrocarbon pavement mixtures SR EN 13108-1; SR EN 13108-5

Establishing of granularity SR EN 12697-2+A1:2007

Establishing of the water absorption SR 174-1:2009/C92:2010

Establishing of the content of soluble binder SR EN 12697-1:2012

Establishing of the apparent density of the bituminous samples SR EN 12697-6:2012

Establishing of the maximum density (volumetric method) SR EN 12697-5:2010/AC:2012

Leaking test of the binder. Schellenberg method SR EN 12697-18:2004

Establishing of the volumetric characteristics of the bituminous samples (Volume of empty spaces classic and with revolving compaction press) SR EN 12697-8:2004; SR EN 12697-31:2007

Marshall test SR EN 12697-34:2012

Resistance at fatigue SR EN 12697-24:2012, Anexa E

Test at triaxial cyclic compression (B testing method) SR EN 12697-25:2006, cap.5

Hardness SR EN 12697-26:2012, Anexa C

Wheel tracking test SR EN 12697-22+A1:2007, Metoda B

Establishing of the penetration with needle SR EN 1426:2007

Establishing of the softening point. Ring and ball method SR EN 1427:2007

Determinarea ductilitatii SR 61:1997

Establishing of the resistance at hardening under the effect of the heat and air - RTFOT method SR EN 12607-1:2007

Water sensitivity on the hydrocarbon pavement mixture SR EN 12697-12:2008/C91:2009

Resistance at indirect traction on hydrocarbon pavement mixture SR EN 12697-23:2004

Establishing of the adhesion of the road bitumen towards the natural aggregates - Spectophotometric method SR 10969:2007

Apparent density after sedimentation in benzene (filer) STAS 539/1979

Wettability coefficient (filer) STAS 539/1979

Filer humidity STAS 539/1979

Establishing of the dimensions of the hydrocarbon pavement coating SR EN 12697-29:2003

Measurement of the temperature of the hydrocarbon pavement mixtures SR EN 12697-2002/AC:2002

Measurement of the adherence of a surface. Test with the pendulum SR EN 13036-4:2011

Measurement of the unevenness of the rolling layer of the roads. Test with levelling board. SR EN 13036-7:2009

Asphalt Mixture

Despre Asphalt Mixture

Physicomechanical tests in the laboratory and in situ, on asphalt mixtures, bitumen, mastic, filler and waterproofing, technical agreements and formulas.